Fixed shop retailers carry on their business in a certain premises. They locate their stores at fixed places where customers can easily reach and make their purchases. The main difference between the itinerant retailers and fixed shop retailers is that the itinerant retailers do not have a fixed place of business whereas the fixed shop retailers carry on their business in a certain premises.
Fixed shop retailers may be divided into two broad types according to the volume of business and methods of operation :

1 Small-scale retailers 2 Large-scale retailers
Small scale retailers generally deal in a limited range of products like stationery, provisions (grocery), confectionery, vegetables, fruits, etc. General stores selling a limited number of varieties of different goods of daily household consumption also come in the category of small-scale retailers. Large scale retailers include retail stores like departmental stores and super markets which deal in and stock ii wide range of products and cater to the needs of fairly large numbers of customers. Now let us discuss in detail these categories.

Small-scale Retail Shops

Small-scale retail shops include those small shops dealing with miscellaneous products of regular use, and shops selling particular products of different varieties. I’ll hold small stocks and do their business in fixed shops located in residential areas or market places. According to the nature of goods sold the small retail shops may be divided into four categories as follows :

(1) Stalls on streets (2) General merchandise shops (3) Speciality shops (4) Second-hand goods sellers

(1) Stalls on streets:-  Small shops on the roadside are very common in cities and towns. These are set up as stalls in front large stores or in residential areas selling a limited variety of products of regular use like statione~y, grocery, toilet products, biscuits, etc. The shops are located within easy reach of consumers’ residence or nearby roads or street-crossings, or bus stops. These retailers meet the needs of customers convenient locations. They supply goods of regular use for which customers are not prepared to go to central markets.

(2) General merchandise shops : These are small retail stores which deal, in all types of general consumer goods of regular use including provisions, bread, butter, stationery and toiletry, paper and pencils, cigarettes, matches, etc. These shops are located in thickly inhabited residential areas and busy markets. Consumers find it convenient to buy all their requirements in one shop. Regular buyers are also offered home delivery services and credit facilities.

(3) Speciality Shops : Small retail shops that deal in only one or two special types of goods are known as specialty shops. The goods dealt with may be only electrical fittings of different kinds, or medicines, or motor parts, or books and stationery, or bread and confectionary items, or ready-made garments, or toys, etc. People often find it convenient to buy their requirements from these shops due to the availability of different grades and sizes in the same product line.

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