• Who you were talking to
  • What you talked about
  • Why did you find this conversation interesting?

Well, conversations are part of our life.These are may be interesting or maybe not.I would like to talk about one interesting conversation that I had.I am living in city moga but last Sunday, I was going to my hometown. I was traveling on the bus.On that time, I had an interesting conversation with one man. We were sitting in the same seat and I was sitting beside the window. He asked me to open it and then thanked me. Then he asked me about myself. The interesting conversation was started. He told me that his name is Gurmail Singh and he is working in the Political Department of Punjab University, Chandigarh. But I was just surprised after new that he prefers to live that good and simple life. He also liked to travel on the bus. Then, He was talking about the political system of our country India.We were debating little on the politicians. I saw that his some views are similar to me.he told me that if one politician would want to make the country’political condition better, then he can do it very well.But in our country India, it seems to be impossible. Then we were talking about various political leaders of our country.Due to this interesting conversation, I did not know when I reached my hometown and I had to go now down from the bus. So, our conversation had stopped. I thought that It was really a good and interesting conversation. I remeber it my whole lifetime.I learned many thing from his experience and interesing talk. According to me it was an interesting cnversation insteed of all my conversation which I had done in my entire life.Really it was interesting.

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